Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows how difficult it can be. But help may come from an unlikely source: licorice. Chewing or sucking on licorice root can help in several ways. First, it just helps to have something in your mouth. Also, because licorice is used as a flavoring agent in cigarettes and other tobacco products, the flavor of licorice can help satisfy your cravings. You can purchase licorice root sticks here.

According to Patrick Holford, a British psychologist specializing in nutrition and mental health, licorice also promotes the action of adrenal hormones, which can be helpful in the withdrawal phase when someone quits smoking. Licorice also acts as an expectorant, which helps clear your lungs. If you prefer candy to licorice sticks, you might want to try Panda licorice. Holford recommends Panda licorice, because it is sweetened with molasses rather than sugar. You can purchase Panda licorice here.

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