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Australia is not often thought of as the land of licorice, but it's true.  Though it can't claim to have the most per capita consumption of the sweet black treat (Holland has that honor), the Aussies love their licorice. Australian licorice is known for its soft, chewy texture. And the country 
exports the Darrell Lea brand which is Licorice International's biggest seller.
Darrell Lea licorice is made in the small town of Kogarah, a suburb of Sydney, in New South Wales. A delightful blend of old and new, Kogarah was established in the early 1800s.
Licorice International‘s two best selling kinds of Darrell Lea licorice are Darrell Lea Black Twists and Darrell Lea Strawberry Twists. You can see all the kinds of Australian licorice that Licorice International sells here.


Kogarah Greek Orthodox Church, J. Bar


School of the arts, built in 1887, photo by J. Bar
St. George Bank, photo by J. Bar
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