Licorice International’s Treats for the Troops” program is bringing smiles to US soldiers serving overseas. Anyone can purchase a package of Licorice Candy Twists (12 pound package or 8-pound package) on-line, and Licorice International will send it to a chaplain overseas, who will distribute it to the men and women serving our country.

Read what Chaplain Timothy Brown had to say recently:

Thank you so much for the licorice. It is delicious. It has been a real big hit here. I never realized that licorice could be so good. My assistant was just as happy as I was to get the gift. We share it with the Soldiers that are here with us. I am at FOB Fenty in Afghanistan.
Please give our thanks to all those involved in sending this to us.

Attached is a picture of my assistant and I on a mountain ridge in Torkham.
For more information on Treats for the Troops, click here.

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